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The Trojan by Troy Hurtubise

Released February, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very potent bear spary mounted in arm. Looks freakin' awesome! Its bullet proof and could save hundreds of thousand military lives.

The Cons:Currently very expensive. >$15,000. The groin mounted clock/compass looks incredibly stupid. And weird. And like you wouldn't want to wear it around other people. Not thoroughly tested.

Canadian inventor Troy Hurtubise is at it again, with the release of "The Trojan"; a full body suit of armour designed for the military.  The Hamilton born inventor was made famous by the documentary Project Grizzly in which he designs a grizzly proof suit of armour after surviving an attack.

Product Shot 2  Although this suit was virtually indestructible, it was also very inflexible and cumbersome making it nearly impossible to use in any practical application.  The Trojan however, is designed to be used by soldiers in nearly any situation: drive vehicles, run full tilt, climb stairs and even perform dive roll maneuvers.  The suit, which is inspired by Robocop, Batman, Star Wars and Halo, is designed to give "90% flexibility and 95% body coverage", and weighs only 30 pounds but is capable of stopping bullets from high powered guns, such as an elephant gun.  Hurtubuise wore the suit himself for a 4 hour car ride to show how comfortable it is, and said that "even sitting on his armoured butt cheeks, he said he was fine."

The Trojan is not only just a suit of armour, it is a fully functioning "battle suit", equipped with many unique features.  The solar powered ventilated helmet features led lights, a drinking tube to a back-mounted canteen and a laser pointer which can help point out targets, such as snipers.  Attached to the arm is a device that will spread a highly-potent bear spray capable of knocking down 40 men.  Various compartments in the suit hide a knife, emergency light, morphine, salt, tracking device and whatever is needed by the soldier. The suit even features a clock, conveniently located in the soldiers groin.  A battle shield accompanies the suit, providing even more protection to the wearer.  A preliminary release is being sold on eBay for a price upwards of $15,000 but Hurtubise says a mass produced suit could drop to as little as $2,000.

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    Very potent bear spary mounted in arm.

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    Looks freakin' awesome!

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    Its bullet proof and could save hundreds of thousand military lives

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    full body coverage

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    looks like the suit from the game dead space

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    Currently very expensive. >$15,000

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    The groin mounted clock/compass looks incredibly stupid. And weird. And like you wouldn't want to wear it around other people.

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    Not thoroughly tested.

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    Looks too much like a power ranger

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    no one needs this unless you are in an army or law enforcement

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Justin Harbin
Justin Harbin: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise I work security and ill like to get 1 i looked all on the web but no deal no wed site nothing . May 28, 12
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Special K
Special K: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise Looks like Troy Hurtubise is taking safe sex to an all new level... Oct 14, 08
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Yale: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise There is some Trojan condom joke here... somewhere... Oct 12, 08
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ghost: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise Is there a way to contcat Troy Hurtubise? Oct 11, 08
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jeremy: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise

some of us waited many years to see what else might could have come out of the scrapyeard in North Bay, from the pick-up truck proof suits, to the bear proof suits and let's not forget the Niagara escarpment, he's a little older but Hurtubise still rocks

Jun 13, 08
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GT-D: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise wow - he was selling it on ebay?

and it was more then $35k? Thats amazing

I followed along since the bear suit first appeared in media years back. Great that he's keeping it up. Feb 21, 08
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Erik: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise It never met its reserve price on eBay. It maxed out at $35K. I wonder what the reserve actually was? Mar 2, 07
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dakalvia: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise Ah, Troy Hurtubise....first the Grizzly Suits, then the Firepaste, now the ultimate Robocop battle armour. This guy is seriously nuts...but I admire his determination. I had a friend who knew Troy, and offered to take me to his "compound" to visit him. Although I am a huge fan of Project Grizzly, I had to turn this invite down--I have no interest in socializing with a dude that insists on keeping two 18" buck knives strapped to his chest at all times. I think Troy would get along with David "Planet Kladen" Hamel. Feb 12, 07
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Erik: #the_trojan_by_troy_hurtubise Of course I want this. This guy is crazy, but his hometown is near mine. Does that make me crazy? Yes. Crazy about the Trojan full body armour. Feb 8, 07
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