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Stewart's Cream Soda

$4.00 Released January, 1992

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Smooth, creamy vanilla taste. Available in glass bottles.

The Cons:Contains high fructose corn syrup.

Stewart's Cream Soda is a premium cream soda made by Stewart's Fountain Classics with a golden color and a creamy vanilla taste. Stewart's is most famous for its root beer, having sold it since 1924 in Stewart's Root Beer stands and Drive-Ins in Mansfield, Ohio.

Product Shot 2 Stewart's soft drinks weren't bottled elsewhere until 1990 when the Cable Car Beverage Corporation bought the bottling rights. Stewart's Cream Soda was introduced in 1992 in their first product line extension that also saw a Ginger Beer flavour.

It is primarily sold in 12 oz. (355 ml) clear bottles as singles for around a dollar, but it is also available in 4 and 24 packs. There is also a 16 oz. (710 ml) barrel bottle and a larger 32 oz. (946 ml) bottle available in 24 and 12 pack cases respectively.

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    Smooth, creamy vanilla taste

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    Available in glass bottles

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    Contains high fructose corn syrup

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GT-D: #stewart_s_cream_soda You're right! these are some amazing beverages... cream soda and rootbeer are almost as good as real beer :P Jul 9, 07
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Erik: #stewart_s_cream_soda Man, I love this cream soda. Stewart's won the world cup of root beer in 2006, and I think they should win the world cup of cream soda if it ever existed. Jul 8, 07
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