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Reflex Wiper Blades with WetTec


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Even pressure with no streaking. Hingeless to prevents ice and snow buildup. Aerodynamic design prevents wind-lift and chatter at high speeds.

The Cons:Fairly expensive for a windshield wiper - 2X OEM. WetTec dryed up too fast, as i'm a little slow at my age, but works ok. Design allows for streaking.

The Reflex Wiper Blades are a new type of windshield wiper. They feature a hingeless design, with a "flex" design, designed to ensure even pressure of the wiper against car windshield. The rationale behind this design, is that the even pressure reduces the likelihood of streaking, often attributed to uneven wiper pressure.

This is especially true in winter conditions, where snow and ice can build up on wiper hinges and prevent proper operation. There is an aerodynamic airfoil that reduces wind-lift at high speeds.


  • Rain-X Latitude
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The flex-style wiper is becoming more common with models Rain-X and Bosch both making flex wiper.


The Reflex Wiper Blades with WetTec are the second generation Reflex wiper blade and include a single application of WetTec glass treatment solution and cloth. The WetTec solution is designed to improve the repelling of water, ice, and dirt.


The Reflex Wiper Blades (this model, and the original) are only available at Canadian Tire in Canada. Reflex blades are available in many sizes, with 3 different built-in connection options making this a fairly universal wiper that fit almost all vehicles. The retail price for the Reflex Blades with WetTec start at $20 per blade and go up from there depending on size.

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    Even pressure with no streaking

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    Hingeless to prevents ice and snow buildup

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    Aerodynamic design prevents wind-lift and chatter at high speeds

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    Includes an application of WetTec

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    Fairly expensive for a windshield wiper - 2X OEM

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    WetTec dryed up too fast, as i'm a little slow at my age, but works ok.

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    Design allows for streaking

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    Flawed design can make installation difficult

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JJB: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec I live in Newfoundland where we have weather extremes most could only dream about, or nightmare!!! I have been using Reflex wipers for over 10 years!!! One pair a year, and I have to say that they are great. No wipers are perfect, but compared to every other wiper I used, they ARE perfect. Have never broken, streaked , lifted or anything like the other comments here. Will be buying a new set today!!! My present ones have been on for 13 months!!!! Oct 23, 15
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dkc: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec complete & total crap! paid $22+ for driver side blade and about $18 for passenger side. they were faullty from the beginning. left a streak across my field of vision upon initial installation. less than 3 weeks after date of purchase I "snapped" the driver side blade while at a red light due to icing. it snapped off at the hinge. the product totally failed after less than a month. Dec 28, 11
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curtis: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec u guys should be giving us free blades for all the ones we've been through. i've been through 5 pairs this year. and like the last guy the canadian tire gave the same bull excuse. they lift after about a week or 2 this is not right, you should recall your product, its no good. i want my money back, and my blades to be replaced. Mar 11, 11
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Welverin: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec Worst product ever! I fought with a rep at my local Canadian Tire and he was trying to tell me that the problem with the centers of the blades, lifting off the windsheild, was due because the springs in my wiper arms needed replacing. We went to Kal-Tire and they laughed, and showed us the problems with this product.
Recommend what we did - pick up a pair of RAIN-X wipers, for a cheaper price, for the SAME results Jan 17, 11
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dont buy them
dont buy them: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec they are by far the worst wiper blades i have spent money on.. will not recommend at all in my store. Dec 29, 10
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mike: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec For a product that is suppose to prevent ice build up i've had more problems with the ice building up than with the old style of blades Dec 16, 10
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Reflex Suck
Reflex Suck: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec I purchased Reflex end of winter 2010 for about $18 each, after about 2 months I started to see streaks. I thought it may be the dirt on my windshield so I really cleaned my windows and the blades and it didn't work. After summer (6 months having the blades) I decided to buy the more expensive ones for about $25-$28 each with wettec. Worked GREAT for ONE DAY!!! I have been trying to place a complaint and no one cares. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND REFLEX TO ANYONE!!! Nov 27, 10
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dawem: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec Worked for 4 months and then caused a very poor vision across the windshield. I would not promote theses blades at all. Dec 23, 09
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diamondtaxi: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec I own Toyota camary 2008 LE Model, please advise me if reflex wiper is available for my car!
Saqib Ahmed Mar 21, 08
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Erik: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec I have never had the reflex wipers squeak in my situation. If anything, they glide much better than traditional wipers. Dec 19, 07
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Erik: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec

I installed these a couple weeks ago on my RSX and they have performed very well so far. They pretty much deliver what they promise, and clean the windshield very clean.

As for installation, I actually had a difficult time installing them with the hook design because of a flaw in the geometry of the plastic on the wiper where it mates with the wiper arm (not enough "lead-in" according my injection mold expert brother). I actually had to use a utility knife to trim the plastic to give it more clearance. My brother had the same problem on his Impala.


See a rough sketch of what i did: http://i229.photobucket.com/albums/ee189/ekalvi/trim.gif

I did the 5 minute dry run break-in with the WetTec solution, and it seemed to work. Apparently, coupling these wipers with Rain-X solution works very well.

I'll post another update after the winter, because will be the real test. I live in Canada, so we get a true winter in spite of global warming ;)

Dec 9, 07
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shainOO: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec Ok so my experience with these wiper blades, well at first yes I was totally happy that i have expensive wiper blades on my truck thinking i have made a good perchase and will have the reliabilty of a clear view and no worries while driving. So a about a month, month and a half later its starts getting cold like minus 15ish in Thunder Bay and man was I wrong about a clear view and having a reliable wiper blade to clean my windshield, cause I thought I was gunna die. I couldnt see a dang thing the wipers must of what seems like they folded up in the middle and didnt even wipe the dust of the windshield, so im pissed now cause I cant see and now am afraid to drive anywhere cause of these expensive wiper blades i put on my truck. These wiper blades dont do any good in the winter but are good in the spring when the weather is nice and warm. Right now I am hating these wipers and would like a refund so i can get some cheep wipers that maybe a heck of a lot more reliable. grrrr I hope i dont die trying to drive home tonight seriously. Dec 1, 07
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Whipdaddy: #reflex_wiper_blades_with_wettec I have been using these wipers since they came out over a year ago, and I continually replace them when they wear out! They are awesome as far as I am concerned, most noticeably when you are going 160-180km/h on the highway and need to use them, they seem to stay glued to the window much better than conventional wipers.

Also in winter with the ice and snow that can accumulate in the area where your wipers rest, the conventional hinge/arm wiper systems can block up with ice and become somewhat useless due to ice restricting their normal hinge spring system.  Trying to knock off the ice with your ice scraper usually leads to damaging the wiper rendering it completely useless.

Erik, which brother of yours is into injection molding? I happen to be a sales rep for DuPont's Engineering Polymers division and wonder which sibling you speak of! Nov 7, 07
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: Completely agree with Whipdaddy. I have had a pair on my Chev Blazer for two years and they have worked perfectly since installing them. I bent the steel blade holder and then I had problems, I couldn't find them in any of the Canadian Tires I have been in. I thought that they had discontinued but all they had done was redesign them to have a rigid plastic backing. These are CRAP and constantly have ice under the blade making then miss cleaning right in my line of sight. HELP!!!! where can I get a set for my other car a 2008 Ford Taurus X? Feb 6, 14

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