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RBK 9K O-Tech Senior Composite Stick

$350.00 Released March, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Lots of good curves. Accurate. Way to much!

The Cons:Poor feel. Adding "speed holes" is a RBK marketing ploy. Breaks easy.

The RBK (Reebok) 9KO hockey stick is also known as the “O” stick HS9K.  The distinctive holes in the shaft give the stick its name, and RBK claims that the O-Tech stick generates more power than any other one-piece on the market since the "power ports" (holes) increase stick speed while stabilizing the shaft.

Product Shot 2  This combination of technological advances supposedly allows for maximum energy transfer to the puck, and the power port architecture makes this stick 21.5% more aerodynamic than regular sticks by reducing drag for improved stick speed.  The stick is made of solid pre-preg graphite and fiberglass.  The senior stick is 60" long and comes in a 40/Regular and 45/Stiff flex with alternative blades curves.  NHL players Pavel Datsyuk and Colby Armstrong used this stick over the 2006-07 season.

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    lots of good curves

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    way to much!

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    Increases aerodynamics and stick speed

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    quick release

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    poor feel

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    Adding "speed holes" is a RBK marketing ploy

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    Breaks easy

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gbchaosmaster: #rbk_9k_o_tech_senior_composite_stick All composites are gonna have poor feel, so one shouldn't blame a specific brand for that. Nevertheless, I agree. Either way, it's a good stick. Apr 19, 09
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