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Phoenix-Fly Vampire 2 Wingsuit


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Closest thing to real human flight. Amazing to watch. Long horizontal glide ratios.

The Cons:EXTREMELY dangerous. Sunny D (beverage company) might sue you for being more X-TREME!!! than they are.

The Vampire 2 made by Phoenix-Fly is a special jumpsuit used in skydiving and base-jumping that shapes the human body into an airfoil. The new sport of wingsuit flying has is the closest experience a person can have to free flight.

Product Shot 2 The wingsuit flier manipulates their body to create the right amount of lift and drag increase their airtime and create horizontal trajectories.

The typical terminal velocity of a skydiver is between 180 - 225 km/h, but while wearing a wingsuit and creating lift, velocities of 60 - 95 km/h are more typical. This allows for much longer glide ratios with 2.5:1 (horizontal:vertical) being commonplace. The typical wingsuit flier tries to maximize this ratio while piloting their way to the ground. The flier releases their parachute as they approach the ground similarly as with skydiving.

The Vampire 2 is custom-made to fit its wearer and is made from lightweight, low-drag materials. Phoenix-Fly is one of many wingsuit manufacturers, and carries a whole line of wingsuit with different designs. The Vampire 2 sells for $1250. Read more on the Phoenix-Fly manufacturer page.

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    Closest thing to real human flight

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    Amazing to watch

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    Long horizontal glide ratios

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    Highly maneuverable in flight

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    Slower descent with longer airtime

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    doubles as a great halloween costume

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    EXTREMELY dangerous

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    Sunny D (beverage company) might sue you for being more X-TREME!!! than they are

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V-Dawg: #phoenix_fly_vampire_2_wingsuit I would like to try this too.. doesn't look easy though. Nov 6, 07
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Whipdaddy: #phoenix_fly_vampire_2_wingsuit Let me know when you have a ProductWiki sanctioned field trip, I will be first in. Nov 5, 07
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dakalvia: #phoenix_fly_vampire_2_wingsuit x-treme! like a sunny D commercial Oct 19, 07
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meNNis: #phoenix_fly_vampire_2_wingsuit This product is not dangerous... the sport of skydiving may be (is) however saying this product is dangerous is equivelant to saying that a parachute is dangerous... Oct 18, 07
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Amanie: #phoenix_fly_vampire_2_wingsuit This is so ridiculously ridiculous! Oct 16, 07
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Erik: #phoenix_fly_vampire_2_wingsuit This wingsuit video was popular on digg this week. I can't get over how insane this sport is. It's awesome to watch. And to all the nay-sayers: It's real! Oct 16, 07
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