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Moller M400 Skycar

$995,000.00 Released December, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Drive a Skycar to work.

The Cons:Crash your Skycar into a lake. A pipe-dream.

Moller International has developed a personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle that they claim is the first feasible and affordable "Skycar" the world has ever seen.  Moller creates hovering flying saucer vehicles known as "volantors", and they claim they are reliable and easy to maintain.

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  Supposedly the Skycar can cruise "comfortably" at 275 MPH (maximum speed of 375 MPH) and achieve up to 20 miles/gallon on clean burning ethanol fuel.  The price of the Skycar is rated depending on your delivery position (the first 100 are selling for $995,000, the next 100 for $750,000, and then the price will be set at $500,000).  If you are looking for a more affordable flying-machine, then check out Moller's M200x series of flying saucer volantors.  Moller will sell you your very own saucer for $90,000-$450,000 depending on the model.  Go to www.moller.com for more information on the Skycar and their other flying saucer styled volantors.

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    Drive a Skycar to work

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    Crash your Skycar into a lake

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    A pipe-dream

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GT-D: #moller_m400_skycar ha! thats really cool, but I can't imagine the U.S. or Canada allowing these to be flown around at all.. be so dangerous Aug 28, 07
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Erik: #moller_m400_skycar moving sidewalks: check. robots: check. flying cars: CHECK! All we need now are meals in pill form. Aug 27, 07
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