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La Pucelle Tactics

$20.00 Released May, 2004

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Turn your enemies into your allies!

La Pucelle takes place in a kingdom named Paprica. The story centers on a small church called the Church of the Holy Maiden, in the city of Pot a Feu. In addition to the normal roles and duties of a Church, they also have a group of trained Demon Hunters called La Pucelle.

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Product Shot 2 Two of La Pucelle's newest members are Prier, a sixteen-year-old girl, and her twelve-year-old brother Culotte.

It is said that the Dark Prince, favored servant of the fallen angel Calamity, will rise to scourge the land. But legend tells that when the Prince arises, a warrior known as the Maiden of Light will challenge him and restore the balance of Light and Dark. Prier hopes to be the Maiden of Light.

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    Turn your enemies into your allies!


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La pucelle Tactics is a great game and it has a unique battle system.

Ps. Princess Eclair bears a striking resemblence to Princess crown's princess Gradriel.

Jun 12, 08
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