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Incoco Dry Nail Applique Color Enamel Strips


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Lasts and lasts, not even one little chip! Looks great until the underlying nail becomes ruined.

The Cons:As it lasts so long your nail grows out from the bed, a range of matching polish could mask this though. Drys out, splits, and peels formerly healthy nails.

Incoco's Dry Nail Applique provides an amazing bottle-free process with absolutely no wait time for nails to dry.

The Incoco Appliques come in flat nail enamel strips that contain an actual base coat, color coat and topcoat layered and dried to the touch.

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The strips are ready to self-apply for a unifom manicure in minutes that last up to 14 days.

Incoco Appliques are compatible for any size hand and the enamel bods to nautral or acrylic nails instantly. There's no smudging and no waiting. It's more chip resistant than liquid nail enamel and provides the prfect high shine finish every time.

Walgreens carries the complete line of Incvoco Dry Nail Polish Appliques prodcuts, available in 20 colors ranging from Pink Satin and Red Velvet to Berry Rich and Chocolate as wll as six additional French Manicure shades.

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    lasts and lasts, not even one little chip!

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    Looks great until the underlying nail becomes ruined

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    as it lasts so long your nail grows out from the bed, a range of matching polish could mask this though

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    Drys out, splits, and peels formerly healthy nails

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Anonymous: #incoco_dry_nail_applique_color_enamel_strips I got suckered into buying this product when in Las Vegas. One nail chipped the next day, and now 4 days later several others have chipped. I spent a lot of money on these things. Incoco says they are guaranteed, but when you go to their web site to get a Return Merchandise #, there is no form to fill out like it says. Man I really was taken to the cleaners on this one. I wouldn't recommend buying this product. Nov 26, 10
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susxox: #incoco_dry_nail_applique_color_enamel_strips This is one of the best nail products I have ever used! I have very healthy nails that can be quite shiny and oily. This means that every other nail varnish I have ever tried, (and believe me there have been lots and lots), peals off my nails in a day, wheather I paint them myself or have it done professionally. As my natural nails are strong and healthy I dont want to resort to stick on veneers, gels or acrylics as they all can damage natural nails. Incoco is amazing, so easy to apply, does not lift off and lasted so,so long, not quite 14days as my nails grew out from the base, but I kept it on for about 10days and it was perfect! When removed my nails were just as before. It does take a little longer to remove than regular polish... but hey, that makes sense as it is so hard wearing and I would be careful not to pick or try chip it off in case of damage. I just wish I could find where to buy the french manicure strips! Jul 28, 09
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allo3: #incoco_dry_nail_applique_color_enamel_strips Beware of this product. It certainly keeps its promise to produce a quick and easy professional looking manicure, but in the process it damaged every single one of my nails. Unfortunately, I ignored the first signs of splitting but then found that layers of nail were coming off right in the middle of the nail and not just splitting at the tip. My teenage daughter who has always had perfect nails tried Incoco just once, for a special dance, and ended up with splitting nails for the first time in her life. My guess is that the dry applique draws needed moisture from the underlying nail bed and leaves it first weak and then damaged. I was very careful to follow all incoco's suggested steps for preparing my nails and cuticles and for removing the polish. An internet search turned up similar complaints from others. I was at first so enthusiastic about this product that I purchased a great deal of it and gave some as gifts. Now I have to warn those people to throw it out. Mar 4, 08
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