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Cisco TelePresence


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very high video quality. Effectively creates the illusion of being in the same room. Directional audio.

The Cons:Can only be afforded by large companies.

TelePresence is a high-end video conferencing tool developed by Cisco Systems. While most video conferencing do not convey facial expressions well, TelePresence uses high-quality video and audio, to create a vivid environment as possible.

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Product Shot 2 Images can be broadcast in HD, both 720p and 1080p. Optionally, TelePresence can be setup in with the remote attendees being displayed in true scale (1:1), and, with the screen situated around a meeting room table meeting model, to make it feel as though they are really there. Telepresence includes:

  • H.264 video codecs to offer the highest quality and lowest bit rate
  • Session Initiation Protocol
  • Native 720p and 1080p high-definition cameras
  • Native 720p and 1080p high-definition encoding/decoding
  • Low-latency architecture and low bandwidth utilization
  • Wideband advanced audio coding with low delay (AAC LD)
  • Multichannel spatial audio with echo cancellation and interference filters to eliminate feedback from mobile devices
  • Optimized environmental conditioning to provide the best audio and video and overall user experience

Their are two available Telepresence systems, the TelePresence 1000 costing $79,000 that features a single plasma in two locations, and the TelePresence 3000 costing $299,000 with three plasmas in each of two locations.

Telepresence is not a proprietary Cisco term, but rather refers to a set of technologies that create the perception of a  person appearing in a location that they are not. At the moment, there are several telepresence on the market from manufacturers including HP with their HP Halo system, and TeleSuite, the originators of the first telepresence system in 1993. The Cisco Telepresence was featured twice in the sixth season of 24 on Fox.

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    Very high video quality

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    Effectively creates the illusion of being in the same room

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    Directional audio

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    Can only be afforded by large companies

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JonnyWonderful: #cisco_telepresence It is pretty amazing, I work for Cisco and we use it at the office all the time to save on travel. Acoustics are great, for example, if you're sitting in the meeting and someone coughs you can which direction it came from! No lag, lifelike images and sizing. When you buy the system, you're buying the entire room since everything from the table, chairs and paint all matches so it gives the illusion that both sides are in the same room.
Images are clear and sharp, if you hold up a palm pilot, the other side can read the text on it.
Definitely not meant intended for the individual or small business, though some Cisco executives have it in their homes. Our CEO has one in his home, he uses it to have meetings globally without leaving his house, or wasting time and energy flying around the world. It originally started from an internal initiative to cut $100 million from our travel budget, and we've definitely achieved a postive ROI from it. Sep 27, 07
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Erik: #cisco_telepresence Very expensive, obviously not for the individual or small business. I watched the clips on 24 from the Cisco website and it looks pretty amazing, minus the obvious "Cisco TelePresence" product placement shot when the system powers on. It looks like the future! Jul 17, 07
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dialupinternetuser: #cisco_telepresence It was seen in Season 6 of 24. The president of somewhere and the U.S. talked to each other on it. Jul 16, 07
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