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Black & Decker InfraWave


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Browns/crisps the outside, unlike a microwave. More energy efficient than a regular toaster oven. Faster than a regular toaster oven.

The Cons:Can leave the inside uncooked/cool/frozen. Stainless interior can be tough to clean. Quess I was lucky it worked 18 months. Infawave burned out, useless now. I really loved it & was proud I had a good dependable toaster/oven. I told a lot of people about this oven. Such a shame.

The Black & Decker InfraWave claims to cook up to 50% faster with no pre-heating. It uses infrared radiation to cook the food, allowing for faster cooking times more similar to microwaves than ovens.

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It has a capacity of 0.7 cu. ft, a digital touch pad, a digital display and a slide out crumb tray. The especially unique aspects of the InfraWave are its ability to 'know' how to cook your food based on the settings you choose.

Input what you're cooking (potatoes, lasagna, chicken, etc.) and the InfraWave oven sets the cook time and temperature. You can even set the oven to alert you at different cook times, depending on style you want. For instance, you can choose 'regular' and 'crispy' and then the oven will alert you when the cook time is done for regular and alert you again when the cook time is done for crispy. There are a variety of preset options available as well so you're not clamoring for the ideal choice.

The InfraWave works by using infrared technology and changes wavelengths depending on what you're cooking. The oven is not a microwave since it uses the higher-energy infrared radiation rather than microwave radiation. The use of infrared makes it a closer cousin to the conventional convection oven.

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    Browns/crisps the outside, unlike a microwave

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    More energy efficient than a regular toaster oven

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    Faster than a regular toaster oven

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    This product did a good job toasting, and reheating.

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    Can leave the inside uncooked/cool/frozen

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    Stainless interior can be tough to clean

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    Quess I was lucky it worked 18 months. Infawave burned out, useless now. I really loved it & was proud I had a good dependable toaster/oven. I told a lot of people about this oven. Such a shame.

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    Infrawave element can overheat causing the front glass to literally explode. Company's way of fixing this - no refund because it was used but they will send another bomb your way

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    Cannot set time or temp! only presets are available, cannot even roast p-nuts, humbug

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    Most completely (over 90% of trials) useless device. You are left to your own devices to figure out how to cook dishes that do not fit their pre-programmed menu. Most often results in blackened exterior and ice rock interior. DO NOT DO NOT buy this unless you are a scientist looking to study infrared absorption. Your girl/boyfriend will leave you if you prepare her/him food with this thing.

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sharkie: #black_decker_infrawave we've had ours for over 5 years now I'm sure... but I've decided that I want to start using it more, and using the baking functions, etc. My husband always does our salmon in this oven, and it comes out amazing. Now to find my manual. Love ours Jan 3, 16
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MELODY HESS: #black_decker_infrawave I have had my oven for quite awhile, now it will not bake, it will toast but not bake. It turnes off after a few minutes...HELP!!!! Oct 30, 14
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Nancy: #black_decker_infrawave I have had my Infrawave oven for over five years. Yes, there is a learning curve, but it's not that hard to figure out. I love this oven and use it daily. In fact, I seldom use my wall ovens anymore. I take it in my RV as well. I bake, broil, toast everything. Steaks come out perfect, bacon is the best cooked in the Infrawave. Love how it reheats Subway sandwiches so that they taste just like just bought. 5/5 stars for me. Feb 11, 14
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Derek: #black_decker_infrawave I honestly can't believe all the negative comments I have just read! I have had mine for over 5 years now and use it on a daily basis. No problems whatsoever. I only clean it occasionally and it still looks almost brand new. I have used it to cook almost everything and anything! From toast to pizza to whole chicken to beef roasts and even bacon. I absolutely swear by it and would be lost without it. Definitely 5/5 stars. Love it. Oct 28, 12
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jerry: #black_decker_infrawave mine was gift from my sister it lasted 2years then stopped working.... Mar 5, 12
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    Anonymous: one & half years, same issue. Infawave burned out. Love oven but not worth the money for only 18 months. Jul 18, 12

rolyma: #black_decker_infrawave We haven't had this product for even a year (about 10-11months) and it stopped working. It doesn't matter how many pros the product has if it doesn't last longer than a year! Nov 8, 09
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cdarbs: #black_decker_infrawave Thought it did a great job until it just sizzled, smoked and fried the digital touchpad. It's worth noting that the device was turned off at the time and had not been used at all in several days. I'm grateful I was home when it happened; I shiver thinking what could have happened if I wasn't. It lasted about a year and a half. Nov 8, 09
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Pete1: #black_decker_infrawave The product worked for about 10 months and then all the programs stopped working. Black and Decker do not repair or replace - the customer service rep told us that we must buy a new product. Nov 8, 09
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peegee: #black_decker_infrawave I have to say that I've given this thing alot of chances, and I can't for the life of me understand why the designers did not see the obvious flaw- it broils the hell out of food's top surface before the rest of it is done.

I cover the food with aluminum as suggested in the manual and it doesn't cook.

I called the support line and the support person didn't seem to know the product, let alone what I was asking about specifically.

I think the "intelligent profiling" principle this oven uses is, to use an unhappy pun, half-baked. Jul 7, 08
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earnhar768: #black_decker_infrawave I bought the infrawave oven last week and was excited. Today I am thinking about returning it because it obviously is not working properly/as advertised. For example: I made a Red Barron frozen personal size pizza using the pizza button and it turned into a disaster. I checked it after about 8 minutes and the cheese was burned black and I quickly turned it off. I figured it was done. I cut into the pizza to let it cool and the center was still frozen SOLID. I had to put it in the microwave so that I could thaw out my burned pizza so that I could eat it. It was nasty! Also it doesn't even toast that well. I made a toaster pastry and followed the instructions. It looked done, but when I went to eat it, the center was still cold. Also on the toaster function, I made a cheese toast and the front of the bread burned and the back was just barely toasted.

The only thing that I got to come out right was a chicken patty, although I had to cook it almost as long as the oven time because the center of the chicken patty was still cool at the suggested time using the "conversion feature".

Also, this thing is WAY overpriced. I bought mine at wal-mart and paid $118. Thank goodness, because I am going to return it because I am completely dissatisfied in this product. Jun 15, 08
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mirral: #black_decker_infrawave Mine broke after 3 months. May 27, 08
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dd: #black_decker_infrawave Does anyone have appropriate infrawave oven settings for cooking frozen boneless chicken breast without first thawing? Jan 8, 08
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dkgrigsby: #black_decker_infrawave Burns the outside and inside is uncooked. Don't buy this, it's crap. Stay away from Home Shopping Network too. They won't take it back. May 9, 07
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peterz: #black_decker_infrawave cool, I will buy it and give it a try Apr 26, 07
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Amanie: #black_decker_infrawave They can't use Teflon anymore though. It seems stainless is the way most companies are going as an alternative. Jan 22, 07
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JHM: #black_decker_infrawave The technology isn't really new. FlashBake ovens have been around for years - mostly in commercial kitchens. Panasonic has had a similar toaster oven, the NB-G100P, on the market for a couple of years (excellent reviews on epinions) and there are a few countertop ovens like the FlavorWave that use similar technology. Canadians looking for the InfraWave oven can find it at Canadian Tire. Jan 5, 07
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Omar: #black_decker_infrawave So this thing has the speed of a microwave, but gives the taste of an oven? Does it actually work like this? Has anybody got their hands on it, it sounds awesome! Nov 13, 06
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gwhiii: #black_decker_infrawave Black & Decker's Infrawave Oven is the first affordable appliance that uses infra-red technology. Buy this oven if you want to discover how good the foods you've been cooking conventionally can really taste! The ability to take frozen foods directly from the freezer to the oven is a major time saver. A true "set it and forget it" cooking innovation! Nov 13, 06
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